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Global - October 31, 2020

100 Umrah establishments set to sue the Ministry of Hajj over late exit fine

More than 100 owners of Umrah establishments and companies intend to sue “Hajj and Umrah” because of the amounts to be paid (exceeding 600 million riyals) in fines for those who are performing Umrah late in returning to their countries. Okaz sources indicated that the owners of companies and institutions held several meetings with a prominent lawyer in the Makkah region to equip agencies in preparation for filing lawsuits.

The victims preceded their intention to prosecute by addressing the Ministry of Hajj and calling for it to reconsider the amounts of fines that threaten Umrah companies and establishments to exit the market and deprive hundreds of Saudi men and women of their jobs in Hajj and Umrah institutions, after the losses they incurred in the wake of the Corona pandemic.

Earlier, a number of business owners told Okaz that the ministry had asked them to review the Passports Department to pay large financial fines of 25,000 for each pilgrim, in return for the failure of its pilgrims to leave on time. They added that they had received letters from the Director of the General Administration for Umrah Companies, who is in charge of reviewing passports because of their delay in informing the competent authorities about the delay in the return of pilgrims to their countries, and the owners of companies urged the concerned authorities to form a committee to investigate what happened to the Umrah sector, and what they described as “the abuse of the Ministry of Hajj.” In implementing the B2S system and limiting the platforms to a single platform, and the company’s violations and not doing what is required in providing institutions with the names and numbers of late pilgrims, they are surprised that their institutions have errors that occurred from other parties, especially since Umrah institutions suffer from losses that made them falter in their financial obligations towards others. The affected people were surprised by the Hajj Ministry’s move to activate external agents and not hold them accountable, similar to the internal institutions that were punished alone.



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