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Global - April 29, 2021

120,000 lighting units illuminate Grand Mosque




MAKKAH — A total of 120,000 lighting units illuminate the Grand Mosque, its courtyards, roof, and minarets, forming a unique lighting pattern that resembles a necklace. The lighting units of outstanding sizes and shapes have been custom-manufactured for the Grand Mosque, reflecting the interest of the authorities to develop and improve facilities at the Two Holy Mosques.



Assistant Director of the General Administration for Operation and Maintenance of Field Affairs Amer Bin Awad Al-Luqmani said that lighting units are distributed across the Grand Mosque and are connected with a special control station.



The mosque has 304 chandeliers with various shapes and sizes in the second Saudi expansion, in addition to more than 1,000 lighting units that are attached to the columns and external walls of the Grand Mosque.


Saudi Gazette


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