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Hajj 2023: Indonesia begins appointment of Hajj Officers



The Indonesia Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of Lampung Province has opened the recruitment process for prospective Hajj Guidance Officers for the 2023 Hajj season.



Head of the Ministry of Religion of Lampung, Puji Raharjo said, the recruitment process for PPIH candidates had been carried out since early January 2023.



“Recruitment for Hajj Guidance Officers has started and today is the last day. This has been extended since the 11th yesterday. Up to now there have been around 200 people who have registered,” said Puji when questioned, Friday 20 January 2023.



He explained, the number of haj accompanying officers needed in Lampung Province was adjusted to the number of hajj pilgrimage flight groups provided by the central government.


“The haj quota for Lampung is 6,915 people. So a total of 7,050 along with officers. However, the number of pilgrims is not final and we are waiting for the decision of the Minister of Religion,” he explained.


According to him, based on the quota for the Lampung congregation, the officers needed are 36 people for the crew, 18 people for worship advisors, 18 people for group heads, and 11 people for PPIH Saudi Arabia.


“Last year’s 2022 Hajj season we received a lot of appreciation from various parties. This is the responsibility of the Ministry of Religion how this year’s Hajj can be more or less comfortable as last year,” he said.



Meanwhile, for the proposed increase in the 2023 Hajj Organizing Fee of IDR 98.8 million per prospective pilgrim, currently his party is still waiting for a decision from the Ministry of Religion.


“This increase in costs is being discussed with the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia and the figure is not final. How much it will increase depends on the government’s agreement with the people’s representatives. Because the government discusses this with the people’s representatives. We entrust it to the people’s representatives,” he explained.



The Ministry of Religion proposes that the average BPIH for each congregation is IDR 98,893,909. This amount has increased by around IDR 514 thousand with a composition of IDR 69,193,733 Bipih and a benefit value of IDR 29,700,175 million or 30 percent.



This means that if the proposal is approved, this year’s hajj expenses will almost double from last year’s IDR 39,8 million. This fee is also higher compared to 2018 to 2020 which was set at IDR 35 million. 

Source: kupastuna

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