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Hajj News - March 27, 2023

2023 Hajj: 22,000 Egyptians applied for Hajj seat for NGOs – Minister of Solidarity


The Egyptian Minister of Social Solidarity Nevin Kabbaj said about 22,000 citizens, men and women, applied for the NGO Hajj for the season 1444 AH-2023 AD, after the door of submission was closed for NGO members wishing to perform Hajj for the Hajj season 1444 AH-2023 AD.


The ministry has set a number of conditions which must be fulfilled by those wishing to perform Hajj this year, including that he be a member of the general assembly of the civil society of which he is member at the time of submitting the application, and who has paid the annual fee, whether active or affiliated member, and that the association or establishment was registered before 01/01/2023 AD, and that no sanction has been imposed on the association or establishment as a result of legal or financial violations which have been proven against it by a final decision, just as the applicant wishing to perform the obligatory Hajj had never done so before in his entire life, as winning pilgrims will only be verified through a Moves certificate.


“Al-Qabbaj” added that among the conditions that the applicant must meet to perform Hajj, he must be fully qualified to perform the rituals and of Egyptian nationality, and when determining the age of the applicant, the date is 4/30/2023 AD corresponding to Shawwal 10 1444 AH, where the age of males among them is not less than 25, and the presence of a legal guardian for females below 45 is required at least 18 years of age, in addition to the presence of facilities for the applicant for people with motor and visual disabilities whose condition requires the presence of an attendant for them.


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The Minister of Social Solidarity said that we are in the process of organizing two levels of Hajj for NGOs, namely economic and five-star Hajj, and the prices for the two-level programs will be determined after their approval by the Council of ‘administration. of the National Foundation for the Facilitation of Hajj, just before proceeding with the electronic lottery.

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