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Global - June 10, 2023

2023 Hajj: Over 60,000 applications for entering Rawdah pending — NAHCON

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has said that the Hajj authorities have informed it that there are over 60,000 pending applications for entering Rawdah at the Prophet Mosque in Madinah.


The Rawdah which literally means “The Garden” is one of the Riyadhul Jannah “Gardens of Paradise”) and refers to the area between the tomb of the Prophet and his minbar (podium). It is a place of immense spiritual and historical significance, and contains six pillars which stand on the exact places where the original columns, made from date palm trunks, stood during the life of the Prophet.


HAJJ REPORTERS reports that the NAHCON said this in response to concerns raised by Nigerian pilgrims for not being able to enter the Rawdah during this year’s Hajj while staying in Madina before they proceed to Makkah to perform full pilgrimage.

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Responding to a question by a journalist at a press conference on Thursday, the Madinah Coordinator of NAHCON, Alhaji Ibrahim M. Idris said noted that the Saudi authorities had placed stringent measures for entering Rawdah.


According to him, he met with the Saudi authorities on the difficulty faced by Nigerian intending pilgrims in entering Rawdah, adding that he was told that a new system that require apllying online or booked online had been put in to control the number of people that can pray inside the Rawdah at a time.


Idris added that the authorities explained that the application is done through the Hajj officials on state-by-state basis.


He disclosed that for the past four days, no application of Nigerian officials was approved, adding that the authorities had informed him that there are over 60,000 applications pending.


“Let me use this opportunity to appeal to our intending pilgrims to exercise patients as the system has changed.


“Even with the application, they allow batches 300 pilgrims to enter for certain period of time and move out for another set.


“We appeal to you to exercise patients as for the past four days, we have been checking our portal but no application has been approved yet,” he said.


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