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Global - March 11, 2021

80-year-old Man who serve Masjid Al Nabawi for 40 years Retires



An 80 year old Man who has being in employment of Masjid Al Nabawi as cleaner has finally been retired due to his old age. The man identified as Moqtada was reported to have served Masjid an Nabawi for 40 years (four decades).

“It was a tough moment when my employer told me that I am being retired because of my old age.” Moqtad told the media.


Citizens of Saudi Arabia have also launched a funded campaign for the worker, after his photos went viral. Social media influencers in nthe Kingdom are calling for a special honour for him


Majority of citizens have also urged the Saudi Government of Saudi Arabia to give the worker a permanent iqama and citizenship as long as he agrees to stays in Saudi Arabia.


Writer Hamad Al-Majed of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper said that he had informed officials of the Saudi Binladin group about the worker’s campaign.


Saudi woman writer Monaira Al-Qadeeb also extended her support for the campaign. Adding people like these workers should be honored.


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