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2019 hajj - July 21, 2019

850 Lagos pilgrims perform lesser hajj in Makkah




No fewer than 850 Lagos pilgrims have taken part in the performance of Umrah (lesser hajj) in the city of Makkah.


The pilgrims who were on board first and second flights arrived Makkah a few days ago to participate in the first major rite of hajj that is Umrah.


Today, Sunday, July 21, 2019, pilgrims on third and fourth flights are on their way to Makkah to join their counterparts to fulfil one of the obligations of hajj.


Meanwhile, the Amir Hajj, Dr Abdul Hakeem Abdul Lateef arrived Medina this morning with the remaining 26 pilgrims. With this, Lagos have completed the airlifting of pilgrims for this year holy pilgrimage. A total of 2269 pilgrims are performing hajj through Lagos State government.


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