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Global - January 5, 2023

Bad Weather: 350 Pakistani Umrah Pilgrims Stuck at Jeddah Airport

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A huge number of Pakistani Umrah pilgrims are reportedly stuck at Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Airport after Saudi Airlines suspended its flight, which was supposed to bring them to Pakistan.


As reported by Express News, around 350 Pakistani pilgrims were scheduled to travel from Jeddah to Pakistan via Saudi Airlines’ flight, SV738, on 3 January.

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However, Saudi authorities canceled the flight owing to bad weather, creating challenges for the pilgrims who reportedly did not have enough to eat or drink. On top of that, authorities still haven’t informed the pilgrims when will the flight take off.


Earlier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) launched a special scheme for Umrah pilgrims traveling from China to Saudi Arabia. Under the new project, PIA will provide connecting flights from Islamabad to Saudi Arabia to pilgrims who travel by PIA from Beijing or Chengdu.


Speaking about the initiative, a PIA official stated that Pakistani passengers flying back to China will have a stopover of more than one week in Pakistan.

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