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Hajj News - March 9, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: States enacting laws on Hajj operations may lose operating licence – NAHCON


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The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), says that any state that enacts laws on Hajj operations risk losing operating License that enables pilgrims from the state to perform Hajj and Umrah.


This was revealed Tuesday by the chairman of NAHCON, Alhaji Zikirullah Kunle Hassan while responding to a question in an exclusive interview with HAJJ REPORTERS recently in his office in Abuja.

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The comment of the chairman is coming amidst the backdrop of moves by some states to enact laws to regulate the conduct of Hajj affairs from these states.


“It is common knowledge that only the national assembly can enact law on matters of aviation or matters of foreign and consular services and any states which does any enactment regarding those actually run foul of the law”.


The chairman also said whenever there is a conflict between a law from the state and that enacted by the National Assembly, the federal law takes precedence.


Alhaji Hassan also said “as you, no state is recognized in Saudi Arabia and for us any state that invents power that is beyond their capacity then we will allow them to test it. Let them charter their aircraft, get their visa and fly to Saudi Arabia if possible.  If they want to do Hajj in their states then we will allow them to do so. Can the states have their own Hajj quota? In fact, such states risk losing their licence,” he said.


The NAHCON boss also spoke about the ongoing efforts of the commission to be self sustainable, as well as what they are doing to get help for the various private tour operators in the country who are hard hit by the covid-19 pandemic


Full excerpt of the interview will be published soon.

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