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2019 hajj - August 4, 2019

Hajj 2019: NAHCON Purchase four new Mercedes Benz ambulances for Pilgrims



The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), said it has purchase New medical ambulances for national medical team for 2019 hajj

This was made known by the commission’s head of medical team, Dr Ibrahim Kana in a message to Chief executive officers of States pilgrims boards, commissions and agencies.

He also said that more drugs have been supplied and reminds state Muslim Pilgrims Board to engage environmental health officers.

He said a consignment of the supplies should arrive the Medical store on Monday/Tuesday. “Boxes are ready for each of the state and tents as to be agreed,” he said.

Dr Kana also reminded the state officials of the advice by NAHCON for states to recruit Environmental Health Officers for this year’s Hajj.

He said the officers are expected to ensure environmental sanitation and hygiene is maintained within and around tents in Mina.

“Similarly, NAHCON’s four new Mercedes Benz built ambulances equipped with Oxygen concentrator and other resuscitative gadgets are ready to be deployed.

“States with new ambulances can be brought into the central ambulance system to serve all pilgrims under a single management system. Toll numbers would be provided in the coming days,” Dr Kana said.
Saudi Arabian authorities have announced Saturday, August 10 as the day of Arafat.

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