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Global - July 26, 2020

Hajj 2020: Pakistan Hajj Body Gives Breakdown of Hajj deposit, Says 105,413 Pilgrims under Govt Scheme deposit Rs 49.969 billion ($668,707,893.90)

ISLAMABAD, Jul 26 (APP):A total of 105,413 successful applicants of Government Hajj Scheme had deposited over Rs 49.969 billion (Rs 49,969,054,080) in across country branches of 13 designated banks earlier this year as hajj dues to perform hajj 2020.

According to official sources, the amount received in approved Islamic Banks and was deposited in Sharia Remunerative Account. Out of the total amount received, some Rs 493.381 million has been transferred from these banks and being deposited in Pilgrims Welfare Fund (PWF) for carrying the welfare activities of Pilgrims in Pakistan and in Saudi Arabia.

Welfare fund is spent on running awareness campaign through print and electronic media, training of hujjaj, purchase of medicine and vaccines, purchase of equipment and material, printing of hajj material, transportation of hujjaj from haji camp to airport (Peshawar and Gilgit Baltistan, budgetary support to director-general hajj.

Jeddah and directorates in Pakistan, where allocation of regular budget is not Sufficient. According to the details of deposited money a total of 19,281 applicants had deposited Rs 9,152,643,720 in Habib Bank Limited; 17,749 successful faithful deposited Rs 8,403,928,428 in Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB); 15,422 successful applicants opted to deposit Rs 7,313,882,312 in Meezan Bank; 14,978 had deposited Rs 4,317,835,212 in United Bank; 9,072 had deposited Rs 4,317,835,212 in National
Bank of Pakistan ; 8,179 applicants had deposited Rs 3,892,258,135 in Allied Bank Limited; 6,003 applicants had deposited Rs 2,838,821,602 in Bank Al Habib; Some 3,096 applicants had deposited Rs 1,479,813,442 in Bank of Punjab; as many as 2,750 applicants had deposited in Bank Al Falah; Rs 1,314,584,851 in Faysal Bank; 2,110 applicants deposited Rs 1,007,658,724 in Askari Bank; 2,128 applicants had deposited Rs 1,003,378.109 in Zarai Taraqiati Bank and 1,764 applicants deposited Rs 830,051,963 in Habib Metro as Hajj dues of Government Hajj Scheme for Hajj 2020.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has already started refunding Government Hajj Scheme dues following the Saudi decision of excluding pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia from performing hajj this year to contain coronavirus spread in
the kingdom.


The government Hajj package (per person) was Rs 463,445 for north region without Qurbani and Rs 486,270 for same region with Qurbani (animal sacrificial). While Rs 455,695 for South Region without Qurbani and Rs 478,520 for same region without Qurbani.



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