Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

Haram issue Guidelines on entering Rawdhah at Masjid Al Nabawi

Below are the Information before entering the Rawdhah issued by Haram Presidency.

1) Booking must be made via EatMarna App ONLY
2) Bring your Own Prayer Mat
3) Avoid shaking hands
4) Arrive at appointed times
5) Wear a Mask 6) Sanitise your hand
7) Ensure Social Distancing

8) The performing of the daily prayers and Friday prayers inside Rawdah areas continue to be allocated to the civil and military personnel at the Prophet’s Mosque and those who are attending the Funeral prayer for their family member(s) who are deceased.

8) The Prophet’s Mosque will continue to be closed after the Isha Prayers and reopen 1 hour before the Fajr prayers.

Source from: Haramain info



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