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Global - August 17, 2020

Jamarat: Where do stones go after stoning?

It comes to minds, where do the stones that the pilgrims throw during the ritual ritual ritual stoning in Mina’s shrine, and many ask about that, especially with the multiple roles of the Jamarat facility when stones fall on the three halves extending to four floors.

There are efforts being made by the Makkah Region Development Authority and with the smallest details, these pebbles, according to the design of the modern facility, prepared the basins in a perimeter with oval markers, to fall vertically towards the bottom to settle in the basement of the facility, at a collection point, after which it is lifted through automatic belts to screen and spray with water to get rid of dust And bug.

The official at the Jamarat facility at the authority, Eng. Nabil Hamed Al-Subhi, stated that the collection point in the basement of the facility, which is equipped with support facilities, during which the stones are raised through six automatic belts that end with electronic gates to unload them into trucks after the season has ended and transport them to valleys between Mash’ari Muzdalifah and Arafat, indicating that on yesterday the tenth day From the current Dhu al-Hijjah, the stones after throwing “Jamrat al-Aqaba” were estimated at 18 million pebbles.

The amount of stones transported during the past Hajj seasons and after the Jamarat facility is completed is estimated at 1000 tons
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