Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

JUST IN: Singaporeans deferred Hajj Plans to 2021


Hajj Reporters

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) said on Friday (May 15) that it is deferring haj 2020 plans for the country’s 900 pilgrims to 2021, citing COVID-19 concerns.

In a media statement, MUIS said that it arrived at the decision in consultation with the Ministry of Health.

“The Fatwa Committee has convened to discuss the matter and supports the decision for the deferment of Haj for Singaporean pilgrims to the following year for reasons of their health and safety,” said MUIS.

“The Committee is of the opinion that in the current context, not all the pre-conditions for a safe Haj are met, and therefore, they recommend that the Singapore delegation defer its Haj plans in order to avoid potential harm.”

The 900 pilgrims who were scheduled to perform their obligatory pilgrimage this year will be automatically rescheduled to haj 2021.



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