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Hajj News - October 9, 2023

Kuwait set Nov 10 Deadline for registration as 17,300 apply for 2024 Hajj


The Kuwait Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs announced that the total number of applications registered on the Hajj platform for the 1445 AH season reached 17,300 as of yesterday.

The last date for registration is November 10. In a press statement, the ministry explained that the number of Kuwaiti pilgrims who registered on the platform and expressed their desire to perform Hajj rituals in the 1445 AH season reached 15,511.

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The number of those registered from the Bedoun category is 1,789. The number of calls and inquiries made through the hotline number is 11,830. The number of requests to authenticate the “My ID” app for performing Hajj rituals reached 59,870. In parallel, the Department of Hajj and Umrah Affairs held a workshop for a number of pilgrims and owners of Kuwaiti Hajj expeditions, during which the department explained the central registration system for the 1445 AH Hajj season.


According to the Director of the Hajj Department Sattam Al-Muzain, the workshop aimed at explaining the electronic registration system. The participants were given details about the general procedures and conditions for accepting Hajj applications that should be available to those wishing to perform Hajj.

source: Arabstimeonline

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