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Global - December 15, 2022

Minister of Hajj to Umrah Pilgrims: Visit Islamic and historical sites in Kingdom




Dr. Tawfiq Bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah, The Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Hajj and Umrah, concluded his official visit to the Republic of Turkiye by stating that the government and people of Saudi Arabia welcome all Umrah performers traveling from all nations in general and the Republic of Turkiye in particular, in accordance with the Kingdom’s historical and religious commitment to serving Islam and Muslims.


A number of discussions between officials from both countries were held during the official visit in order to facilitate the entrance of Umrah performers and further the goals of the Kingdom Vision 2030 initiatives.


Dr. Al-Rabiah also met with Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy in order to examine methods to strengthen bilateral integration in a number of areas related to the Hajj and Umrah system in coordination with the relevant authorities in the two countries.

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He spoke about the joint Saudi-Turkish business with a view to enhancing methods of cooperation in common areas, in fulfillment of the desire of the leadership in the two friendly countries, pointing to the qualitative shift in the development projects in the Kingdom in the infrastructure works at the Two Holy Mosques and the holy sites, and their role in accommodating the anticipated rise in the number of guests of Rahman.


Dr. Al-Rabiah met bilaterally with Turkish Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Anwar Ashkurt with the goal of discussing the growth of cooperative relations, expanding their scope, and discussing the best ways to facilitate measures for the Turkish Umrah visitors to performers their rituals in ease and comfort.

The minister of Hajj and Umrah also met with head of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkiye Dr. Ali Erbash. During the meeting, the minister emphasized the desire of the ministry and all parties of the Hajj and Umrah system to offer the best logistical services to all pilgrims in a way that guarantees time and effort savings and improves services.


Dr. Al-Rabiah highlighted the variety of services offered by the “NUSUK” platform within simple and convenient electronic steps, in a way that enhances their faith experience while they are in the Kingdom, especially after extending the Umrah visa period from 30 days to 90 days and allowing Umrah performance for all types of visas.


He urged everyone performing #Umrah to visit the Islamic and historical sites embraced by the Kingdom’s regions and cities, particularly in Makkah and Madinah in order to enhance their religious experience. The Kingdom is replete of religious and historical sites that are well visiting.


The most recent of these was the inauguration of 8 new sites in Madinah, including the mosques of Al-Ghamama, Al-Suqia, Al-Raya, Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab and Bani Anif as well as the well of Ghars, and the palace of Urwa Bin Al-Zubayr. — SPA


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