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Nahcon - February 21, 2017

NAHCON Blacklist 45 Tour Operators

“NAHCON Blacklist 45 Tour Operators”

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has disqualified 45 Tour Operator Companies from participating in 2017 Hajj exercise‘. The disqualification according a statement by the Commission Spokesman Uba Mana, was followed by ‘the pre qualifications exercise carried out by the Commission from December 2016 for the 176 (One hundred and seventy six) companies which applied for the 2017 Hajj license”
Out of this figure, 131 (One hundred and thirty one) companies fulfilled all the requirements set by the Commission and therefore approved to participate in 2017 Hajj exercise.

The statement further urges the members of the public to visit the commission’s notice board or its website to assess the full list.

However, the commission gave window opportunity to the 45 (fourty five) disqualified companies to appeal their disqualification. They have up to February 28 to appeal.

Some of the companies disqualified for not having valid IATA certificate are Asmar travel and tour ltd, Africano Global Links, Agaji Travel Agency Ltd and Al Ikhlas Hajj and Umrah Travelling.

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