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Global - September 3, 2021

Purchasing Transport Tickets For Umrah Pilgrims Optional- Saudi Hajj Ministry





The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Hajj and Umrah revealed that the purchase of tickets for the transportation service for those who obtained permit for performing Umrah and offering prayer at the Grand Mosque is optional.




“The ticket can be purchased either through the Eatmarna application directly or purchase upon arrival at the assembly point. The purchase from the assembly point can be made through ATM cards or paying cash,” the ministry said.



The tickets purchased through the Eatmarna application will appear within the transport tickets on the application and this may take some time, and in the event of canceling the unused tickets, the amount will be returned to the account, Saudi Gazette reported .




The ministry noted that it does not have the authority to do anything in the case of reservations made through hotels.



The ministry stated that permits for Umrah and prayer at Grand Mosque can be reserved for the citizens, expatriates and visit visa holders through the Eatmarna application and can obtain reservation at the desired date according to the availability of appointments.



This will be after updating on the Tawakkalna application the health status of being immune by two doses of vaccine or immune by recovery from infection or immune by completing 14 days after taking the first dose.





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