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Qatar Charity launch ‘Haj Rituals Box’ to enlighten families on Hajj rites



Qatar Charity (QC) has launched an innovative educational product called ‘Haj Rituals Box’, which explains to young people the great purposes of #Haj and acquaint with them its pillars in an attractive and creative manner. This comes as part of QC’s efforts to inculcate good values in children and young people, make them aware of the rituals of Haj, and utilise technology to deliver the message, it was explained in a statement on Wednesday.


The ‘Haj Rituals Box’ is a cultural project for families. The box, which can be acquired, was designed in a way attracting beneficiaries from family members so that they can learn to perform the rituals of #Haj virtually by installing the #Haj models and scanning barcodes for videos that explain the rituals.


The product aims to achieve many educational goals, promote support for charitable work through the acquisition of the box, and provide a new and creative way to embed the information in the minds of young people through an educational game that combines entertainment and knowledge.
QC’s Programmes and Community Development Department director Fatima Jumah al-Mohannadi said that the organisation always launches creative initiatives and innovative projects and utilises technology for community service in various educational and cultural fields.

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She stated that these events, which were launched in conjunction with the blessed days of Dhu al-Hijjah, are still going on, indicating that QC, through these events, seeks to promote values among young people and teach them the religious rituals in a way that combines entertainment and knowledge. Dr Ayesh al-Qahtani said that the idea and content of the ‘Haj Rituals Box’ are considered to be one of the of the best way to teach and inculcate values, develop skills, deliver information to children. He also urged families to acquire the box, as it teaches children the rituals of #Haj in an attractive way.

“The ‘Haj Rituals Box’ is a treasure for all families to learn Haj through this educational game, which received great demand from children,” said journalist Aqil al-Janahi, praising the idea of the box. The mother of Maryam Nasser al-Jabri, who acquired the box, said that the programme was very useful, as it practically embodied and explained the rituals of Haj in a wonderful way.
The mother of Assila Ahmed al-Sada said that the idea of the box is useful and enjoyable and the card within it summarised all the rituals of Haj. The ‘Haj Rituals Box’ can be obtained through the link (https://qch.qa/hajj) and by dialling 50014579.


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