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Global - April 21, 2021

RAMADAN: 35 Sheikhs to respond to Inquiries about rituals in Grand Mosques




His Excellency the Director of the Askers’ Guidance Department, Sheikh Sultan bin Saad Al-Baqami, said that at the beginning of the current blessed month of Ramadan, a chair had been created to answer the questioners, at the door of the newly inaugurated King Abdulaziz.

In an interview with the Presidency of Media and Communication Department: During the first week of the month of Ramadan, the offices of answering the questioners received (5218) questions, and we also received (1680) calls on free phones, and (6402) beneficiaries benefited from the services.

Regarding the role of answering the askers during the season, Al-Buqami answered our (35) sheikhs answering those asking about their rituals, divided into (6) shifts.

When we asked about their qualifications, Al-Buqami explained: All of them have higher academic qualifications in Sharia disciplines. And aware of all issues related to Umrah and performing the obligatory duties inside the Grand Mosque. He added that the offices and chairs for answering the questioners are distributed at the entrances and exits of the Grand Mosque, as well as in the Al-Safa and Peace Walker area, and there are also offices for free phones.



Al-Buqami talked about his feelings while providing service to the guests of Rahman, describing them as “generous”, asking the Almighty – glory and most – reward and reward, indicating that they are happy to guide Muslims and serve the Sacred House of God.


For his part, His Excellency Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Hajj, a teacher at the College of the Holy Mosque of Mecca, said that the most questions we receive in the current season are related to circumambulation and pursuit between Safa and Marwah, as well as Ihram.


Dr. Al-Hajj indicated that among the questions that come to us from some of the pilgrims of the Grand Mosque, they revolve around wearing a mask and its effect on Ihram. And we answer them that it does not affect, because its use is not as a cover, neither for a woman nor for a man, but rather as a medical use. Regarding his feelings while serving those who go to the Grand Mosque, he said: My feelings are indescribable, for a person to succeed in serving the pilgrims of the Sacred House of God, its architecture and its visitors, who are the guests of God, whom he called and answered, and this is the message of the Haram that the rulers of the matter recommended – may God preserve them -, and I ask God to perpetuate This blessing is upon us.

Sheikh Ruibah bin Rabih Al-Sulami said: We answer the pilgrim and the Umrah performers to questions related to their acts of worship, and our feelings as we do so “my faith.”

Sheikh Naim Al-Rahman, one of the participants in answering the questioners, explained: We receive callers in the offices of answering callers and answer them about what is related to worship, especially Umrah, and many of the questioners receive their questions from outside the Grand Mosque in Mecca, and not only from Makkah, even from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He added: We feel the pilgrims and worshipers these days to abide by the precautionary and preventive measures issued by the concerned authorities, for the sake of their safety and the safety of others who go to the Grand Mosque.


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