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Global - March 29, 2023

RAMADAN: Grand Mosque’s new expansion Opens for worshipers


Several plans have been prepared to facilitate the movement of visitors to the Grand Mosque in Makkah in the new Saudi expansion.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) published an infographic detailing the preparations carried out by the General Presidency in the northern expansion of the Grand Mosque to provide the pilgrims and worshipers with high-quality services around the clock.

There are 120 prayer areas equipped with a system of field services and human cadres in the new expansion of the Grand Mosque.

The presidency has allocated several gates for access to the prayer areas. From the northern side, worshipers can enter the prayer area through gates 104; 106; 112; 173; 175; and 176. From the western side, gates 114; 116; 119; 121; and 123 will remain open, and so are gates 162; 165; and 169 from the eastern side.

The presidency is providing essential services in all available spaces. It equipped 72 toilets for people with special needs, in addition to 675 marble stations (mashrabiya), 362 escalators, and 26 elevators.

This is also in addition to equipping 4,800 toilets, 22,000 carpets, and 12,000 Zamzam water containers for use by all.


SOURCE: Saudi Gazette

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