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Global - April 4, 2023

REVEALED: Why Masjid al-Haram’s Cleaning Staff Don’t Kill Insects

Did you know that cleaning staff at Masjid al-Haram do not kill insects? We have described the reasons why in this article.

While performing the Umrah pilgrimage yesterday along with my mother-in-law, I noticed something astonishing within Masjid Al-Haram. In my Tawaf’s first round, I observed that one member from the cleaning staff was playing with a cleaning brush.

I was watching him from a far distance then went near to him and saw that the worker was playing with an insect resembling a cockroach.

On observing his act for a while, he wasn’t touching it but blocking its directions with the brush and trying to direct its direction towards an isolated area on the second floor within the Mataaf. If the cleaner wanted, he could easily drain the insect in the gutters or could easily kill it. However, he opted the other way round.

Out of curiosity, I asked about his behavior with that insect in that situation. He added that they are instructed to kill the harmful reptiles or insects that may harm the pilgrims present in the Haram. They have to take care that these insects do not escape. However, there are few reasons due to which they shouldn’t hurt the harmless tiny creatures.

On asking further, the staff member added that every Muslim believes that out of the acts that are Haraam when we wear Ihram includes the killing of harmless insects.

They wear uniforms all the time; however, they also don’t indulge in this act just to respect the belief of the pilgrims. Secondly, some snakes might be Jinns and thus we shouldn’t harm them too, as quoted in a Hadith of Prophet (PBUH).

Because, killing such disguised snakes may hurt those Jinns, we are supposed to avoid.

Lastly, The House of Allah (SWT) the Holy Kaaba isn’t designed for humans only. We are unaware of the fact of the arrival of these insects. Allah is their Creator too, by harming them we might hurt the guests of Allah.

Source: islamicinfo


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