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Hajj News - September 6, 2022

Saudi ambassador gives free Umrah tickets to Pakistani family  



In a commendable gesture, Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf bin Said Al-Maliki invited a four-year-old boy, Ahmad Mustafa, to the embassy on Monday, who donated all his money to the flood relief activities that he has been saving for his parents to perform Umrah.


The ambassador showed affection to the boy and announced to give free Umrah tickets to the child and his parents as the guests of Saudi embassy, adding that the family would also be facilitated to visit Madina. They will be provided passage and relevant facilities soon after the national day celebrations are over in the last week of this month.


Ahmad Mustafa, father of the child, who is happy to know about the generous offer of the Saudi Ambassador Nawaf bin Said Al-Maliki and thanked him, saying Saudi Arabia has always been a kind friend of Pakistan and it always supported Pakistan in difficult times.


Nawaf Al-Maliki presented soveniours to the child and appreciated his spirit to help humanity, and maintained that the sentiments of little one are source of pride for the entire nation and expressed hope that Pakistan would overcome all hardships.



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