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Global - September 4, 2021

Saudi Arabia introduce Biocare devices, Thermal Cameras in Grand Mosques


The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has developed thermal cameras and optical sorting operations, to preserve the pilgrims of the Grand Mosque, and to prevent the arrival and spread of the Corona virus in this pure spot by implementing a number of preventive and health measures.


His Excellency the Director General of the General Administration of Environmental Protection and Epidemiology Control, Mr. Hassan bin Barakat Al-Suwaihri said: ‘The Presidency is working to develop and advance its services to serve the House of Allah and the guests of the Most Merciful through a system of services, including optical sorting and sterilization services.’


In addition to the modern equipment and techniques in sterilization operations, which consist of 11 robots that work with artificial intelligence, 20 Biocare devices for sterilization using dry steam, 20 sterilization devices using the cold mist feature, and 599 sterilization pumps, to sterilize floors, barriers and handles, in addition to 500 electronic dispensers providing Sanitizer , on all sides of the Grand Mosque, using daily more than 20 thousand liters consisting of carefully selected sterilizers of high quality to be used in the Grand Mosque.


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