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Global - September 26, 2020

Saudi Arabia lifts restrictions for medical treatments abroad

Saudi Arabia has approved the protocol for patients requiring medical treatment abroad to travel outside of the Kingdom with companions, according to a statement from the Ministry of Health.

The Kingdom’s Minister of Health set forth the conditions required for applicants to travel for treatment abroad at their own expense, adding that a patient’s case must be among the medical conditions approved by the Supreme Medical Authority for treatments outside of the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Health announced the approval of the mechanism for patients whose treatment requires travel outside the Kingdom and their companions.
Travel for treatment abroad at the Kingdom’s expense will require a royal order or a decision from the Supreme Medical Authority, according to a statement from the ministry published on the Saudi Press Agency.

Those patients who have been approved to travel abroad according to the approved conditions are allowed to be accompanied by a maximum of two persons unless otherwise approved by the Kingdom’s Supreme Medical Authority.



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