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Global - May 5, 2023

Saudi begins issuance of Hajj permit to domestic pilgrims today

Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah will start issuing Hajj permits on Friday to domestic pilgrims who have completed the payment of fees for the packages that they have reserved with companies providing pilgrimage services.

The ministry said the registrations for the Hajj permits will be open until the 7th of Dhu Al-Hijjah, corresponding to June 25, if seats are available in packages allocated for the domestic pilgrims. Vacancies may arise because of failure in completing the payments on due dates or as a result of cancelation of reservations by citizens and residents.

The ministry said if there were available seats, seats will be offered for reservation through its website or via the Nusuk app.

The ministry has stated earlier that the last date for pilgrims to take the required vaccines is 10 days before the start of Hajj. Vaccination is a condition to perform the Hajj rituals.

It has clarified that completing all the required vaccines is mandatory to issue the Hajj permit.


Saudi Gazette

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