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Global - August 4, 2020

Searching for a story in the “exceptional Hajj” season

When I decided to go to Mina’s hair, I had no idea that I could take it, to write a pilgrimage story that we journalists used to write, but I was confident that I would find my story in the mountainous surroundings that surround Mina!
The car that picked me up with two other colleagues, one of whom is a photographer and the other belonging to me, belongs to Her Majesty’s tiles, accompanied the driver, and we moved on the roads of Makkah, heading towards Mina.

Throughout the road that took more than half an hour, until we reached our destination, we encountered more than a checkpoint and patrols for the passage of the Holy Capital, who, after making sure of the necessary permits to perform our mission, bid us farewell with a smile accompanied by invitations of success.

We completed the road in silence; Swung between the silence of strangers, brought together by a mission to search for a different story; Is not the same as the one corona lined up; At the time of Hajj, feelings and behaviors differed during his few days. While his rituals remain steadfast in the consolidation of her sacred feelings.
The silence of strangers who wrapped the car is interrupted only by the buzz of mobile phones, which each of us has been working on; Either for photography or writing; Or waiting for an answer to a phone call to coordinate or make sure to attend the stories heroes, sweeping the imagination of journalists and photographer!

That silence was broken by colleague “Ali” in words, which I was unable to capture because I was busy writing this report. Let silence come back again before I cut it off questioning the area we are passing through, and did we enter hairy from me? To have an answer that defines our location outside Makkah and within the borders of Mina.

Let me realize that “the people of Mecca are no longer aware of its reefs”, except for the old ones that were preserved by the memory of their hearts, not Makkah seeking to develop and modernize to serve the guests of the master of the ancient house, the valley of Mecca without planting, which expanded its sacred feelings; For its streets to appear more graceful and organized, not to mention the sterilization that Mona received us, before we were in the midst of our heroes of stories. For two hours, how long did it take us, to accomplish our mission in Mina’s hair and inside her towers; In which the guests of the Most High spent the three days of Tashreeq, short and shaved, we wandered cautiously, in the hospitality and cooperation of ministerial sectors, with all their branches and departments; Before we got back, we had a story of a bewildering tear and a five-star barber shop

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