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Global - February 2, 2023

Selection of Hajj Officials: Indonesia set up transparency task team


The Inspectorate General (Itjen) of the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) emphasized that it does not tolerate any indications of fraud in the selection process for prospective Hajj officers of 1444 Hijri or 2023 AD.



“The direction of Gus Men (Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas), does not tolerate transactional practices and fraud from irresponsible persons,” said Inspector General Faisal in Jakarta, Thursday, February 2.



Faisal said the Inspector General of the Ministry of Religion was committed to safeguarding and ensuring that the recruitment process for prospective hajj officers in 2023 was transparent, fair, and accountable.



These efforts, he said, were in accordance with Gus Yaqut’s directives asking the Inspector General to oversee all stages of organizing the hajj so that it would run in accordance with applicable, fair, and accountable regulations.



According to him, this is one of the recommendations of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), based on a study on the implementation of the previous year’s #Hajj. One of them is to carry out the recruitment process for Hajj officers optimally and transparently.



“All public service processes at the Ministry of Religion are encouraged to digitize. For this reason, the hajj recruitment process is also optimized with information technology,” he said, quoted by Antara.



With the optimization of this information technology, said Inspector General, there will be no physical contact between assessors and prospective hajj officers. So that the recruitment process actually runs according to applicable regulations and can produce competent hajj officers.

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“What we need is a hajj officer who really serves,” said Inspector General.


In monitoring the recruitment process for prospective hajj officers in 2023, Itjen has deployed 32 teams at the Regency or City Ministry of Religion level and 26 teams at the provincial level. The supervision process is also planned to be carried out in the central level selection until the recruitment process is complete.


“If we find that there are Ministry of Religion officials as assessors, there are those who play with me as Inspector General, they do not hesitate to propose that they be dealt with firmly,” he said.


The procedure for complaints can be submitted through the PUSAKA application of the Ministry of Religion, sending emails to Dumas_itjen @Kemenag.co.id, or coming or writing to Itjen Kematag on Jalan Raya RS. Fatmawati No. 33A South Jakarta.


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