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Global - August 15, 2020

Since year 2000 .. 4 viruses have spread throughout the world without infecting Hajj Pilgrims

It is not the first time that the Hajj season coincides with an outbreak of a virus or the possibility of an epidemic, and if the ancient history records years in which the rituals of Hajj were not performed, the modern history records great success for the Kingdom’s government in overcoming several health challenges with the establishment of rituals and the safety of pilgrims completely from any Outbreaks or epidemics troubled the world during the Hajj pilgrimage at the time of its spread

witnessed the year in which the SARS virus spread, global anxiety with the escalation of the number of infections and the transmission of the virus between continents and between different countries of the world, and during the Hajj season that year, the Kingdom employed all its health and security equipment to comfort the pilgrims and ensure their safety until the Hajj ended safely, and the pilgrims returned to their homes without Record one case of HIV infection.

It was a year during which some days were affected by anxiety about the spread of bird flu, and before the Hajj season arrived, warnings were raised about the virus and its severity, and because the Kingdom has experience in how to deal with these conditions, it prepared well for the Hajj to pass without infection with the virus that was transmitted between countries of the world at the time.

2009 A new epidemic threatening the world called “swine flu” and warnings about the possibility of spreading it during the Hajj season, then the Kingdom imposed health measures and monitored the crowds and managed the season with great success, and the Hajj ended and the pilgrims returned safe to their countries.

outbreak of the Coronavirus called “MERS”, which is the short name for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, which is considered a new strain of Corona viruses, and between the preparedness and preparation, the Hajj passes peacefully without the occurrence of HIV infections among the pilgrims.


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