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Global - Technology - May 15, 2019

Smart bracelets for Umrah pilgrims with GPS technology

MAKKAH — The National Committee for Haj and Umrah is introducing special bracelets for the pilgrims. A bracelet will be equipped with the GPS technology and to contain all personal data of the pilgrim including name, accommodation and maps to guide him during his Umrah journey.

Mohammed Bin Badi, committee’s CEO, said the bracelets will be given to allis Umrah pilgrims upon their arrival in the Kingdom.

Badi said the bracelets will contain all the pilgrims’ data, their movements and GPS to lead them to their accommodations, hospitals, health centers and other important utilities in Makkah and Madinah.

Badi said with the help of these bracelets, the pilgrims can directly communicate with the emergency numbers in the Kingdom.

He said the committee is maintaining contacts with a Chinese company to provide it with the specifications of the bracele manufacture them.

Badi said the committee is also working to find a solution to the problem of the pilgrims’ luggage and is considering contracting a transport company to take the luggage from the points of their arrivals to their accommodation places.

He also said the committee is considering to establish a shareholding Umrah service company to upgrade the services being extended to the pilgrims.

Saudi Gazette Report

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