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Global - August 26, 2021

Sudais’ purported assault is fake, – Cleric


Hajj Reporters


A popular Kano based Islamic cleric, Sheikh Abdulmudallib Muhammad, has described as fake, the purported viral video clip depicting Sheikh Abdurrahman Al- Sudais being beaten up in front of his family.


Hajj Reporters reports that a video clip had recently gone viral on social media, depicting the General President of The Two Holy Mosques, Sheikh Abdurrahman Al-Sudais being beaten up by Saudi security agents.


The video was accompanied with a message purporting that Al-Sudais was beaten on the orders of the Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Salman for speaking against the decision of the Kingdom to limit the 2021 Hajj Pilgrims to just 60,000.


However, in a 4.45- minute video footage, Sheikh Muhammad stated that the video is fake and it is put up to achieve sinister motives.


According to him, Al-Sudais had not led Juma’at  prayer or delivered sermon in the grand mosque since 11th June, 2021, equivalent to 1st Zul-q’ada, 1442 AH, about 40 days to this year’s Hajj.


Sheikh Muhammad, who translates Juma’at prayer sermons of the grand mosque every week on Rahma Radio FM in Kano said, Al-Sudais, a Professor, rather commended the Saudi government on environmental sanitation against the spread of COVID-19 during his last sermon.


“It is all lie. The video is fake. The last time Sudais led Juma’at prayer and delivered sermon was 11th June, 2021, equivalent to 1st Zul-q’ada, 1442 AH, about 40 days to this year’s Hajj.


” Also, in the sermon, he even commended the Saudi Arabian government for environmental sanitation, where the country ordered for disinfection and fumigation of the environment, all in a bid to check the spread of coronavirus.


“Glory be to Allah, I have been following the live Friday sermon at the grand mosque for about 10 years now, but I have never heard when Sheikh Sudais criticized Saudi Arabian government on limiting Hajj Pilgrims.


” people are concerned about the issue and have been sending questions via WhatsApp and Facebook to know the veracity of the report. That is why I decided to come out and debunk the report and clarify issues,” Muhammad said.


While reiterating that the video is fake and the report is a lie, Sheikh Muhammad cautioned Muslims to be cautious about such kind of false stories, aimed at tarnishing the image of Islam.


He noted that the source of the story is still anonymous, adding that “this alone can make a discerning person agree that the story is fake and false because it has no credible source.


“The story was falsely published on social media platforms in order to mislead Muslims by some unscrupulous elements who are hell bent to portray Islam as a bad religion and tarnish the image of government of Saudi Arabia.


“I therefore call on my Muslim brothers and sisters to be calm as the story is fake,” he appealed.

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