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The Full and Complete Isra and Miraj Story, The Night Journey!




Miraj is one of the most talked-about events in Islam. Isra and Miraj are the two parts of the night of Journey which our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) took.


Isra and Miraj Story Summary

The date was 27th of Rajab in the year 721 (Sad year – ‘aam ul-huzn) when Abu Talib and Khadijah (RA) died.


About Isra and Miraj it is being mentioned in surah al-Isra. In Isra, the first part of the night, Jibrael came to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and then he rode on the Buraq, which is larger than a donkey and smaller than a mule. On buraq he traveled from Makkah (Masjid al-Haram) to Al-Aqsa Mosque in just a second, to be noted, the distance between these two destinations is 1239.42 KM and takes around 1 hour and 52 minutes if you travel from Airplane, but our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) completed it in just a few seconds.


Now, in the other part of the night, which is Miraj, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) traveled to the 7th heaven, and on each heaven, he met the following people;

1st Heaven met Adam (AS)

2nd Heaven met Isa (AS) and Yahya (AS)

3rd Heaven met Yusuf (AS)

4th Heaven met Idris (AS)

6th Heaven met Haroon (AS)

6th Heaven met Musa (AS)

7th Heaven met Ibrahim (AS)


Baitul Ma’mur

Sidrat Al-Muntaha (Where 50 prayers were enjoined on him, then reduced to 5.)


What is Baitul Ma’mur?

It is a house, which is located in the 7th heaven, directly above the Kaaba (Allah’s house). Angels perform the tawaf of this house as we do around the Kaaba during Hajj and Umrah, the Kaaba on the earth is the replica of it. The 70,000 angels visit this house daily and say their prayers as well as it will continue until the day of Judgement. (Sahih al-Bukhari 3207 and Sahih Muslim 164)

What is Sidrat Al-Muntaha?

It is a Lote tree and it is the end of the 7th heaven. It is the boundary that no one ever passed except our Prophet (PBUH) and it is the place where Prophet (PBUH) traveled along with Jibrael. Where Allah cuts down 50 prayers to 5 upon the request of Muhammad (PBUH).




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