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Health - February 27, 2020

Things to note about the Saudi Arabia Visa ban


By  Ahmad Muazu


Due to previous outbreak of coronavirus to GCC countries which include Pakistan and Iran whom are among the highest contributors of Umrah pilgrims The Saudi government has imposed a temporary ban on Umrah pilgrims that are due to enter Saudi Arabia.


In addition to this, Umrah pilgrims who are yet to enter the city of Madinah right now have been stopped from visiting. The government of Saudi Arabia also has plans to stop the entry of tourist visa holders who are coming from those countries who are affected by the Corona Virus.


The list of those countries are as follows: China, Iran, Italy, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Philippines, Singapore, India, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Somalia and Vietnam.


What about the Family Visit Visa?


Saudi authorities have instructed immigration authorities all over the world not to allow family visit visa holder board in a plane for Saudi Arabia. In other words, family visit visa holders are also not allowed to enter Saudi Arabia until the next orders.

Saudi Nationals and GCC Nationals Saudi Nationals and GCC nationals are also restricted to travel to and from Saudi Arabia using their national identity cards except those who are going back to their home countries.


In other words, Saudi Arabia has closed its borders for the nationals of other GCC countries too. There have been 26 cases of coronavirus in Kuwait and 26 in Bahrain so far. By the grace of Almighty, no case of coronavirus has been reported in Saudi Arabia so far. Although 4 Saudis have been found infected with the virus in Kuwait.


Analysis is done by Ahmad Muazu of Media Unit of NAHCON as culled from various sources

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