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Global - September 10, 2021

Tourist visa holders can perform Umrah, Says Ministry of Hajj and Umrah


Saudi Arabia #Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has clarified that foreigners who are coming to the Kingdom on tourist visa can perform Umrah after obtaining #Umrah permit by completing the procedures on the Eatmarna and Tawakkalna applications.

The ministry said that the visit visa holders too could obtain the Umrah permit through completing the registration process on Eatmarna application.

“Opening an account on Eatmarna is possible only after updating the visitor’s immune health status on the Tawakkalna application.


“Only those who are immune by taking two doses of coronavirus vaccine or completion of 14 days after taking first dose of the vaccine or recovered after infection of coronavirus are entitled to obtain an Umrah visa,” the ministry said.

It is noteworthy that about 500 Umrah service companies and establishments and more than 6,000 foreign Umrah agents have started receiving vaccinated foreign Umrah pilgrims effective from Aug. 9 (Muharram 1).

The aspiring pilgrims can book Umrah packages and make all the payments through around 30 electronic sites and platforms that are available for reservations worldwide.

Saudi Arabia launch One-year multiple visa with maximum stay of 90 days for tourists from 49 countries
The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah recently unveiled plans to launch a new mechanism to issue single Umrah visa online.

The ministry affirmed its readiness to receive as many Umrah pilgrims as per the quota that had been agreed upon with various Islamic countries before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.



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