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Global - January 19, 2022

Zamzam.com, World’s first OTA platform set to transform Umrah industry


Omar Akbar, CEO of Zamzam.com.


Travel agents and pilgrims worldwide are now able to plan and organize religious travels with Zamzam.com, an advanced B2B/B2C booking search engine for end-to-end Umrah travel services, including visas, flights, hotels, transfer, ground service and religious sightseeing packages. It is headquartered in Saudi Arabia and certified by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.


A joint venture with TBO.com, the world’s leading travel distribution technology platform, Zamzam.com is the first online travel agency platform for religious travels.


The travel platform was developed in response to the growing need for modern and seamless religious experiences. Guests of the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah are now able to complete their spiritual journey with confidence and ease of mind thanks to curated travel itineraries suited to their requirements.


Highlighting the role of an OTA platform in transforming the religious tourism industry, Omar Akbar, CEO of Zamzam.com, said: “Inspired by purpose and our core values of integrity, reliability, and transparency, we have created Zamzam.com to simplify the process of Umrah booking for everyone. Our vision behind the OTA platform is to assist travelers to search, plan, and book every service they need via a single platform.”


“More travelers than ever are looking for unique experiences and religious travelers are no different. To provide a peaceful spiritual experience, we collaborated with many partners, agencies and suppliers around the world to strengthen our position in the hope of introducing more personalized services and B2C packages in the future,” he added.


The booking search engine leverages technology with a user-friendly interface allowing users to book their Umrah trips with MAQAM — the ministry’s global distribution system. Hotel accommodations, transportation, transfers, online visas, meet and greet services and sightseeing tours can all be tailored to the users’ preferences.


“With the aim to revolutionize the travel experience for religious travelers coming to Saudi Arabia from more than 110 countries across the globe, Zamzam.com is committed to creating meaningful pilgrimage experiences for individuals, partner agents, industry professionals, and destination managers alike,” a press release said. “With affordable rates and a straightforward registration and booking process, Zamzam.com will work in true partnership with all of its providers to pioneer curated packages, competitive pricing and loyalty benefits, supported by a 24/7 multi-lingual world-class support center to offer an exclusive Umrah travel experience.”


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