6 months in prison and $13,332 fine for Transporting people without Hajj permit

by admin


Anyone caught transporting people without a permit for the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia is subject to six months imprisonment and a fine of up to $13,332 (50,000 riyals), the country’s General Directorate of Public Security warned on Tuesday.

The fine will multiply depending on the number of people illegally transported.

Perpetrators’ vehicles are likely to be confiscated, and expatriates offenders will be deported and banned from entering the country.

The directorate urged the public to report any suspected violators to the police.

Residents of Saudi Arabia who do not have entry permits have been banned from entering Mecca by security control points starting from May 15.

Authorities have been instructed to only allow entry to those who work in the holy sites and have entry permits, those who have a resident’s identity card issued by Mecca, and those who have an Umrah permit or a pilgrimage permit.


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