Connecting Pilgrims and Providers: India Gears Up for Inaugural Asian Hajj and Umrah Expo

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The Asian Arab Trade Chamber of Commerce (AATCOC) is proud to announce the highly anticipated inaugural Asian Hajj and Umrah Expo, an event poised to be a transformative experience for both pilgrims and travel service providers. The theme, “Connecting Pilgrims and Providers,” encapsulates the Expo’s mission to enhance the pilgrimage experience while fostering meaningful partnerships in the industry.

Scheduled for January 16th to January 18th, 2024, at Delhi, this landmark event has garnered immense support from key stakeholders. The Expo is not only organized by AATCOC but is also generously supported by the Haj Travel Agents Federation of India, Karnataka Traders Chamber of Commerce, Travel agents Association of Karnataka & World Travel Exchange Malaysia.

Furthermore, has been appointed as the Digital News Media Partner, and The Trade Connect as the Magazine Partner.

Global Networking: The Expo is set to bring together an international array of pilgrims and travel service providers, offering a platform for forging invaluable connections and collaborations.

Cutting-Edge Technologies: Discover the latest technological innovations aimed at enhancing the safety, convenience, and quality of the pilgrimage experience.
Cultural Riches: Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of pilgrims from diverse backgrounds, bridging cultures between Asia and the Arab world.

Knowledge Exchange: Benefit from engaging seminars and panel discussions led by industry experts, providing insights into the latest trends and best practices.

Exhibition Extravaganza: Explore a wide range of products and services dedicated to Hajj and Umrah travel, from travel agencies to accommodation providers.
Spiritual Guidance: Engage in meaningful discussions and receive spiritual guidance from esteemed scholars and religious leaders.

Abdul Musaddiq, Managing Director of AATCOC, expressed his enthusiasm for this monumental event, saying, “The Asian Hajj and Umrah Expo marks a significant step towards fostering unity and cultural exchange between Asia and the Arab world. We are honoured to organize an event that holds such great promise for pilgrims and the travel industry.”

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The Asian Arab Trade Chamber of Commerce (AATCOC) is a leading organization dedicated to fostering trade and cultural ties between Asian and Arab nations. AATCOC works tirelessly to promote economic growth, cultural understanding, and cooperation between these two diverse regions.

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