EgyptAir begins return flight today

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Egypt’s flagship carrier (EgyptAir) will start its air bridge for the return of the pilgrims from Saudi Arabia after performing the rituals of Hajj [the pilgrimage], on July 1, 2023, according to a statement by the company.


The company added that it is keen to overcome all obstacles, to facilitate all procedures for the pilgrims and to provide the best services.


Pilgrims must be present eight hours before the departure time of the flight, the statement noted.


The Hajj ritual ends with the celebration of Eid Al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifices),  is the most significant feast for Muslims worldwide.


The Adha honors the day when Prophet Ibrahim -peace be upon him- was ordered to sacrifice his son, Ismael, and because of his obedience, God substituted Ismael with a ram, and this day has become a feast for Muslims since that day.


“And We have ransomed you with a mighty sacrifice” – Qur’an 37:107


In Islam, the sacrificed animal during Al-Adha is divided into parts, in order for the animal’s owner to be able to give a share of the meat to the needy people.


Source: Egypt today

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