Grans Mosque Entry: Saudi Arabia opens Bab-e-Abdullah, Jabal-e-Kaaba tunnels

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Saudi authorities are working round the clock to facilitate Pakistani Hajj pilgrims.


Radio Pakistan Correspondent Javed Iqbal reports from Makkah that Saudi Authorities are taking every possible measures to facilitate the stay of more than 179,000 Pakistani Hujjaj during Hajj 2023.


In a recent move, the Saudi authorities have opened the Bab-e-Abdullah and Jabal-e-Kaaba tunnels specifically to enhance access to the Grand Mosque for over 10,567 Pakistani prospective pilgrims residing in Sector One in Makkah Mukarramah.


Director Moavineen Sajjad Yaldram told that the Saudi authorities have taken a proactive step on special request of Pakistan government to ensure a smoother and more fulfilling journey for Pakistani prospective Hajj pilgrims.


Pakistani pilgrims will now be dropped off at the Jarwal stop, located just 50 meters away from Bab-e-Abdullah, to facilitate their direct entry to the Grand Mosque, he said.


Accordingly, Pakistani Hajj mission has made all arrangements of busses and guides to pick and drop pilgrims.


To offer the best services to female pilgrims, Saudi officials have appointed female staff.

Under this landmark initiative, female employees not only welcomed Pakistani women Hujjaj at their arrival in Makkah, but also ensured their comfort during transportation of their luggage and availing other facilities at their residence.


During different interactions with Radio Pakistan’s correspondent at various accommodations of Pakistani pilgrims in Makkah, the Saudi female staff not only appreciated their government’s vision 2030 under which they were allowed to contribute in Kingdom’s development and socio-economic well-being, but also expressed the resolve to serve Hujjaj in the best possible manner, considering it as their sacred duty.


Sharing her success story of achieving a doctorate from United States Dr Alyaa Malibari appreciated Kingdom’s Authorities in helping her acquire the role of leadership as workforce for her country.


She expressed the commitment to incorporate the leadership skills in women youth of her country with the aim to play a significant role for the development of country.


She said women’s empowerment is central to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 reform program that has far-reaching social and economic objectives with increased economic participation by women.


Indeed, these regulations are a positive step forward to empowering women and offering them more opportunities for leadership roles.


The other, on ground working staff member Ola said women’s role is indispensable in every society, specifically in essential care work. She highlighted the significance of women staff’s contribution in serving female Hujjaj. She emphasized that women can excel in important roles, such as educating pilgrims about Islamic teachings, just as well as men, if not better.

She also expressed gratitude to Kingdom’s initiative of empowering women under vision 2030.


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