Hajj 2023: Indonesia begins return flights July 4

by admin

Indonesian pilgrims are currently undergoing the peak phase of the Hajj in Arafah – Muzdalifah – Mina. This phase will end on 13 Zulhijah 1444 H / 1 July 2023 AD.

The next stage, the congregation will begin to enter the return phase. Chairman of the Saudi Arabia Hajj Organizing Officer (PPIH) 1444 H/2023 M Subhan Cholid said the process of returning Indonesian pilgrims would begin on July 4, 2023.

“Indonesia’s first flying group (cluter) pilgrims will be returned to the country starting July 4, 2023. The cooperative weighing will be carried out two days before the congregation’s departure,” explained Subhan Cholid quoting a written statement, Friday, June 30.

“So July 2, 2023, the balance of goods has been carried out,” he continued.

There are a number of provisions related to luggage that must be understood by the congregation. Subhan asked airlines, both Garuda Indonesia and Saudia Airlines, to carry out massive socialization.

“So far, the Ministry of Religion has provided understanding to the congregation about the provisions of luggage. There is a maximum limit for the weight of the suitcase which is only 32kg. There are also a number of items that are prohibited from being brought,” explained Subhan.

“Because this is the airline’s provision, I ask the airline to conduct massive socialization,” he continued.

Hajj pilgrims departing in the first wave landed at Madinah’s Amir Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz (AMAA) Airport. They will return from King Abdul Aziz Airport in Jeddah. A total of 263 groups will return via Jeddah.



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