Hajj 2023: Saudi based NGOs sponsors 450 orphans, pilgrims with disabilities

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The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has helped 450 orphans and people with disabilities to take part the Hajj pilgrimage, as part of the third edition of a national initiative.


According to the Saudi Press Agency, the ministry launched the initiative in collaboration with various government and nonprofit organizations.


The program aligns with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 focused on enhancing pilgrim services.


The ministry has provided modern and well-equipped transport vehicles specifically for this purpose, along with designated routes at the holy sites to ease the performance of Hajj rituals.


Services to cater to the needs of the group, including medication and supplies, sign translators and Braille language materials, were also provided.


The national initiative was introduced in 2021, with 200 male and female pilgrims taking part. The following year 300 pilgrims joined from various regions of the Kingdom.


In the lead-up to Hajj season, interactive sessions and meetings were held with organizations representing individuals with disabilities in the Kingdom.


A comprehensive program was established to ensure well-equipped accommodation and facilities were provided at Makkah and at the holy sites.


Security authorities collaborated to designate specific routes for the stoning ritual at the Jamarat site in order to enhance safety.


Informative programs, seminars, lectures, and cultural competitions were introduced to them to raise awareness before and during the pilgrimage.



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