Hajj 2024: Children under 10 years allowed to perform Hajj

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The federal cabinet chaired by Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar approved amendments to the Hajj Policy 2024, allowing children under 10 years of age to perform Hajj.

The federal cabinet approved to return the unused sponsorship quotas to the Saudi Arabian government under the both public and private schemes.

The new Hajj policy introduces a foolproof monitoring system to oversee the financial arrangements of Hajj group organizers in adherence to Saudi government laws.

The cabinet greenlit several crucial decisions that will have far-reaching implications.

In private Hajj schemes, the attendant requirement will be relaxed for individuals over 80 years of age. However, Hajj group organizers will be required to enter into an agreement with pilgrims to hire local helpers during their stay in Saudi Arabia.

This clause must be included in the service provision agreement, and violation may result in fines and blacklisting of the Hajj group organizer.

Additionally, the federal cabinet approved a reduction in the hardship Hajj quota. Fifty per cent of the quota for local assistants will be allocated for Pakistani students studying in local universities in Saudi Arabia, who will serve as welfare staff.

The federal cabinet, in its previous meeting, had constituted a committee to further improve the Hajj Policy 2024. The aforementioned amendments have been made in the Hajj Policy 2024 based on the recommendations of this committee.”

Source: hummnews

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