Hajj 2024 Preparations: Alkauthar Travels CEO, Team arrives Saudi Arabia

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The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Alkauthar Travels and Tours, Hajiya Rabi at Umar and some of her few staff have arrived Saudi Arabia on Monday morning to finalise arrangements for Ramadan Umrah and Hajj 2024 pilgrims.


The team travelled to Saudi aboard Nigerian owned Air Peace Airline.


Alkauthar is one of the forty companies granted approval by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) to register and ferry pilgrims to Hajj 2024.


Speaking to Hajj Reporters on the telephone, Hajiya Rabi said “NAHCON had allocated 200 slots to our company and we have already started registration of pilgrims”


The Alkauthar CEO also said in line with the new Saudi policy of registering only forty companies from Nigeria out of the over 100 registered by NAHCON, another company, White Birds Travels has reached an agreement to use Alkauthar platform to register their pilgrims.

Hajiya Rabi on Monday said “in our part, we have already reached agreement with all the major hotels we normally use and our bookings have been confirmed because of time frame.


Now a meeting had already been held by some of our members with NAHCON in Makkah to further finalise all arrangements. We can only continue to commend NAHCON for carrying us along.  I believe that after these engagements here in Saudi Arabia, we are good to go for Hajj 2024 insha Allah.”


Speaking further, Hajiya Rabiat commended both NAHCON and “especially Saudi authorities for the new Hajj policy because one would have been able to get all visas out way before travel time and the issue of last-minute arrangements for pilgrims is solved.


Now we can book even flights and spaces Mina and Arafat quiet early because you have absolute number of pilgrims you are travelling with unlike before when Visas get delayed and the fate of pilgrims keep hanging in the balance leading to apprehension for us all”.

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