Hajj/Umrah: 1 year in jail or 15 years in prison for border law violations as Saudi arrest 16,899 in one week

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Among those are 769 individuals attempted to illegally cross Kingdom’s borders

At present, 52,369 individuals, including 5,938 women, are facing legal action.

Some 16,899 individuals were arrested in Saudi Arabia in a week for violating residency, labour and border security regulations.

The Ministry of Interior said that the arrests included 11,033 who violated residency rules, 3,493 border security rules and 2,373 labour laws.

Further, 769 individuals attempting to illegally cross the Kingdom’s borders were apprehended. Among them, 39 per cent were Yemenis, 58 per cent Ethiopians, and 3 per cent of other nationalities.

Additionally, 80 violators were intercepted while trying to exit Saudi Arabia by crossing the border.

Eleven individuals involved in transporting and harbouring those violating residency and work regulations were also taken into custody.

At present, 52,369 individuals, including 5,938 women, are facing legal action.

Of these, 46,743 violators have been referred to their respective diplomatic missions to secure travel documents, 1,716 have been directed to finalise their travel arrangements, and 9,147 have been deported.

The Ministry of Interior emphasised that anyone facilitating the entry of infiltrators into the Kingdom, providing transportation, shelter, or any form of assistance, may face penalties of up to 15 years in prison, a maximum fine of SR1 million, and the confiscation of transportation and accommodation facilities.

source: GulfNews

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