Hire taxis that meet basic requirements, Saudi advise pilgrims

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The Saudi Arabia Transport General Authority (TGA) has underlined the importance of the public hiring taxis that ostensibly meet the basic conditions, notably four elements that prove a vehicle is actually for hire.

The four visible elements of a regular taxi are the yellow car plate of public transportation vehicles, an illuminated plate on top of the car bearing the word Taxi, the license number on the sides, and the taxi logo on the doors.

The TGA noted that it is essential for people to pay attention to these requirements and deal with taxis that strictly apply the standards and the regulations governing fare of public taxis, taxi-cab brokers and guided vehicles.

In addition, taxis are obliged to meet the technical requirements and specifications for cars that are licensed to practice the activity in a way that contributes to raising the quality of the service according to the highest safety standards and requirements.

The TGA said the regulations governing the service specified a number of requirementsthat must be available in taxis. The operating age of the vehicle should not exceed five years from the year of manufacture. The cab driver is obligated to collect the fixed trip fare.

The authority said the taxis must allow electronic payment options. The car must have a live tracking device linked to TGA’s transportation portal (Naql).

It is important for every cab driver to take care of their general appearance and commit to wearing the uniforms, as well as ensuring that the car is clean inside and out, the TGA said, noting also the importance of the driver respecting the privacy of the customers.

It said those who wish to obtain more information about the regulations and guidelines and their updates, can visit the official website of the authority: tga.gov.sa or call the unified number 19929.

SOURCE: Saudi Gazette

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