Messaging app imo launches Umrah Guide feature for Muslims

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With a vision to make the process of Umrah easier for Muslims around the world, the globally popular instant messaging platform, imo, has integrated an Umrah Guide feature within its app earlier this month.


With an array of sub-features, this new addition is designed to help pilgrims with information regarding the Umrah processes through Umrah tips, location based services, communication opportunities  for pilgrims, and more, says a press release.


Elderly Umrah pilgrims sometimes suffer from illnesses or discomfort while performing the pilgrimage which can be physically demanding especially during the summer months.

Additionally, many first timers and even regulars happen to miss or be unaware of parts of the process, seeking details on how to perform Umrah or Hajj accurately-as a solution, imo has introduced the Umrah Guide feature specifically designed for Muslims embarking on the Journey Makkah to perform Umrah.

It includes a step-by-step guide explaining the processes to follow while providing elaborate Umrah tips.

It also carries in-depth information on Umrah ritual locations, illustrated through a satellite map for clear guidance.

Beginning from November, this feature will allow visitors to share their locations with loved ones, ensuring a safer journey.

Moreover, for the pilgrims having trouble connecting to family and friends at home, imo serves quality communication services across different countries, including the ones with weak network conditions. Consequently, this enables the Umrah pilgrims to stay connected throughout this blessed period.

The features within the Umrah Guide include Umrah Smart Assistant, Explanation of Umrah, Step-by-step, Umrah Location Guide, Location Sharing with Family, and International Calling Service that is suitable for weak networks, allowing users to save data while making voice and video calls free of charge.

To utilize these features, the user needs to find the Umrah service channel on the imo App and click on it to enter the Umrah Guide.

In the Umrah Guide, the Umrah Map is displayed at the top, and the corresponding Umrah Steps are shown at the bottom.

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