Saudi Ministry holds symposium on ease of Hajj

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The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah held its 47th Symposium on Hajj with the theme “The Jurisprudence of Ease in Hajj”.


The symposium, which was held at Jeddah and had the following objectives


  1. To use the Hajj as a means of strengthening the capacity of Muslims’ for understanding, collaborating and unifying the global Pilgrims.


  1. To create an environment conducive to performing Hajj with ease and relative comfort.


  1. To provide a unique intellectual platform for discussing pressing issues likely to impact on Pilgrims’ spiritual and religious journeys while performing rituals in the holy places.


  1. To encourage constructive, forward-thinking dialogues, practical actions

and development of a new-approach to performing Hajj rituals.


  1. To embrace and imbibe a culture of innovation and technology to impact on experience of every Pilgrim.


The symposium also aimed to encourage innovative technologies and practices to improve the Pilgrimage

experience to enhance the Pilgrims’

safety, comfort, and efficiency.


The symposium which had four discussion sessions on different areas of the Hajj was declared open by Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Dr Tawfiq Al Rabiah and had in attendance the President of the Commission for the two Holy Mosques and Chief Imam of the Makkah Grand Mosque, Sheikh Dr. Abdurrahman Al Sudais, heads of Security, Civil Defense and Mashaer provinces as well as the Muftis of Tunisia, Uzbekistan and Indonesia.


Discussion sessions were held and papers delivered all centering around the need for collaboration and cooperation of every Hajj nation and general Hajj industry stakeholders to ensure a smooth and safety of the Pilgrimage exercise for all.


The challenges in the logistics arrangements for hosting approximately three million peoples of different countries, divergent cultures, almost wearing same kinds of clothing aiming to perform same acts of worshiping needs a wholistic approach with different stages of planning involving various sectors of the Saudi Arabian ecosystems.


The movements of the Pilgrims towards different locations within five days required adoption of the ease provided for in the Shariah to ensure a hitch-free Hajj.


One of the high points of the Symposium was an exhibition by different bodies specialized in the Hajj industry using relevant latest technologies and initiatives.


The Deputy Makkah Coordinator, Alidu Shutti who stood in for the Chairman/CEO of the Commission, lauded the custodian of the two Holy Mosques and the Prime Minister for the energy and resources deployed into Hajj management.


Shutti described the conference as a train the trainer’s workshop, which will impact positively on the ongoing 2023 Hajj operation.


The Deputy Makkah Coordinator harped on the need for the organiser of the conference to make it an annual event.


Nigeria was represented at the occasion by the Consulate-General under the leadership of Ambassador Bello Hussain Kazaure and attended by a delegation from NAHCON led by the Deputy Makkah Coordinator, Alhaji Alidu Shutti, Company of Mutawwif Liaison officer Dr. Aliyu Tanko, Assistant Saudi liaison officer Alhaji Ishaq Ja’e and Abdurrahman from the Makkah office secretariat.

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