Why Saudi should provide public convenience at the Mina-Makkah tunnel

by admin

A concerned Nigerian, Mr Lookman Odofi, has urged the Saudi Arabian government to put in place public conveniences along the Mina-Makkah Tunnel.

He said this would significantly reduce the hardship encountered by pilgrims who use the route from Mina to Masjidul Haram.

“Most Pilgrims make the long journey by trekking. Trekking is faster than traveling in a car even if you manage to get one that is affordable.

“There are many taps for drinking water along the said road, and this is highly commendable. The scorching sun of Saudi Arabia cannot be endured without regular drinking of cold water.

“The tunnel road isn’t less than 10km. Yet, there’s not a single provision for public convenience along this very important route, used by millions of persons during the Holy Pilgrimage.”

Odofi narrated his experience at last year’s #Hajj where he had to resort to a construction site along the road to relief himself with the help of the security man at the site.

“I approached a uniformed security man who confirmed there were no such places nearby. He then advised I ease myself facing the barricade between the two expressways, while he provides me a covering from the possible viewing crowd, by standing closely behind me, and backing me.”

He said he could not use that alternative because it was too inconvenience doing such personal thing in public glare.

“The challenge of absence of places for public convenience along the very important route needs urgent rectification, especially as preparations are ongoing for this year’s Hajj,” he said.

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