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NAHCON has debunks an allegations raise by some private tour operators that the commission refused to fund Private Tour Operator’s International Bank Account Number (IBAN)


NAHCON in a statement signed by its Head of Public Affairs unit, Fatima Sanda Usara “highlighted the efforts of the Chairman in resolving all the causative factors that lead the payments made by some Hajj operators through NAHCON into their International Bank Account Number to remained hanging.


Usara stated that “out of 174 cases, only 24 tour operators are still having issues and that the commission understand the implication of the hitch to the tour operators 2022 hajj activities.


See the full statement below


On Tour Operator’s IBAN Funding


In clarification to accusations that NAHCON has refused to fund Private Tour Operator’s International Bank Account Number (IBAN), please note that by 19th June, 2022, NAHCON had transferred money along with schedule of payment; meaning, each tour company’s entitlement, to Mu’assasa. The remittance was well in excess of what is ultimately to be paid into the individual IBAN accounts of the Tour Operators. Subsequent transfers to these individual accounts are the exclusive responsibility of the Mu’assasa.


Notwithstanding, the Chairman had called the mu’assass to rectify the logjam who in turn spoke with the bank but the payments still remained hanging. Similarly, NAHCON staff on ground in Saudi Arabia spend almost their whole day in the bank in order to rectify all the bottlenecks, to the extent that one of them was once harassed on the claim that they were becoming nuisance to the bank. But they remain relentless because they know severity of the matter.


Their persistence began to bear fruits from last week Thursday, because some Tour Operators had their issues resolved while the follow-up still continues.


Thus, out of 174 cases, almost all have been successfully resolved except about those of 24 tour operator companies. Even these are being treated because NAHCON understands the implication of the hitch to the tour operators.


The Commission will not relent even though some few ones are dragging its name unjustifiably.



Fatima Sanda Usara,

AD, Public Affairs,


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