Oyarekhua harps on Unity, Cooperation as Edo Concludes Pre-Hajj Exercises, Awaits Departure 

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Amidst the final  preparations for departure to Saudi Arabia for the 2024 Hajj, Shiekh Ibrahim Oyarekhua, Chairman of the Edo State Muslim Pilgrim Welfare Board emphasized the vital importance of unity and cooperation among all pilgrims, stressing the significance of their collective journey as brothers and sisters in faith.

Oyarekhua, who extended heartfelt appreciation to the Edo State intending pilgrims for their commendable conduct and enthusiastic participation in the pre-Hajj activities, as the board finalizes preparations for the 2024 Hajj made the emphasis at Arafat Mosque in Auchi Edo North on Sunday May 5, 2024.

Speaking to the intending pilgrims, he lauded their commitment and involvement throughout the inoculation and orientation program, which now concludes before their departure to Saudi Arabia.

He said: “As we embark on this sacred journey, let us remember our shared bond as siblings in faith. Unity and cooperation are essential for a successful Hajj exercise,”  underscoring the need for harmony and mutual support among pilgrims.

Offering practical guidance for a seamless pilgrimage experience, Oyarekhua advised pilgrims to prioritize their health and dietary choices, cautioning against indulging in unhealthy snacks and beverages that could disrupt their journey. He also encouraged pilgrims to pack essential food items such as garri, groundnuts and extra currency, mindful of the reduced Basic Travel Allowance (BTA) to 500 dollars.

In a bid to ensure responsible spending and efficient packing, he urged pilgrims to focus on the spiritual significance of their pilgrimage, avoiding unnecessary purchases and distractions along the way.

Addressing the unique needs of elderly pilgrims, Oyarekhua emphasized the importance of anticipating mobility challenges especially during circumambulation round the Ka’ba and making necessary arrangements for assistance, demonstrating compassion and support for fellow pilgrims.

Concluding his address, Oyarekhua reminded pilgrims to be prepared for their departure, anticipated to be between the 20th and 28th of the month, urging them to finalize their arrangements promptly.

The day’s enlightening lecture, delivered by Mallam Abdurrafee Suleiman, provided invaluable insights into the spiritual and logistical aspects of Hajj, reinforcing the message of compliance to the rules, unity and cooperation as essential pillars for a fulfilling pilgrimage journey.

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